Looking for the best deals on theater seating? We’ve got a huge selection our chairs that are pleasing to the eye, but won’t empty out your wallet. Whether you’re looking for seats to add a vintage charm to your home theater, or need replacement auditorium seats for your school, we can help.

Comfort and Quality You Can Afford

Oftentimes, people believe that the more money you spend, the better quality you get. Unfortunately, that isn’t always true! You can get high quality auditorium seats – you just have to know where to shop! At Seats and Chairs, we offer a wide variety of used home theater seating and refurbished movie theater seats.

However, we also have a wide variety of NEW movie and home theater seating!

We invite you to take a look around and find the best seat in the house!

Regal Lounger

Do these chairs look familiar? If you have sat in a luxury suite chair at one of the new professional football stadiums you have sat in a Regal Lounger. Check out the picture of the Regal Cowboy installed in Dallas. Whether you need comfortable s..


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