How To Find Pick The Best Seat In Your Home Theater

Picking The Best Seat In Your Home Theater

Whenever we sit down to watch a movie, there’s a lot of hubbub over getting the best seat. People used to (and sometimes still do) line up outside theaters to get the best seats, and even now that most theaters sell assigned seats, the rush to get the best seats still takes place online. It’s no different in the living room or the home theater. Naturally, here at Seats and Chairs we know a thing or two about theater seats. Here are our insights on (or making) the best seat in the home theater.

Choosing From Seats In Place

If your home theater is already fully set up and seats in place, you’ll just have to choose the best seat. This can actually be a little more complicated than choosing the best spot in a movie theater. You’ll have to consider the size of the room, the screen, and the placement of any furniture that might affect the acoustics.

As a matter of fact, THX has actually developed a formula for the optimum viewing distance in home theaters. The best viewing distance according to THX is determined by taking the size of your screen’s diagonal measurement and dividing it by .84. In a home theater, the best seat will be at that optimum distance, and just about in the middle of your speaker set up.

The THX formula applies best to large television screens. For larger screens and displays, there is another “method”, so to speak. It has actually been found that for larger screens, you can really fully enjoy the home theater experience from anywhere! The size difference between a movie theater and a home theater is such that the viewer won’t find themselves at an odd or uncomfortable angle.

Placing Your Seats

If you’re making your own theater, you have the unique opportunity to ensure that the seats are in the perfect spot from the very beginning. To pull it off, all you have to do is make the same sort of calculations and put the seats in just the right spots, and you’re good to go.

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