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Home Theater Seating Featured in the April Issue of TheHomeMag Publication
March 27, 2009: The home theater seating division of is proud to announce their listing in the April 2009 issue of TheHomeMag publication. more

A Business Based on Recycling Old Theater Chairs Salvaged from Movie Houses
December 25, 2008: once sold salvaged seats on eBay, but now offers a variety of theater seats for the home theater. more Launched the Most Comprehensive Home Theater Seating Website
July 20, 2008:, home of the world's largest inventory of home theater chairs, has recently launched the most comprehensive home theater seating website ever. This new site has features like no other home theater seating site on earth. more Adds a New Line of True Rocker Home Theater Seating
July 17, 2008: adds to its wide variety of home theater seating inventory by introducing a new line of new movie theater true rocker chairs. The euro styling of the Bellview theater chair is a great modern seating option for any home theater room. more

The Most Popular Home Theater Seating Models Are The Elite, Reno and Star Delight
November 2, 2007: The features of these three models of home theater seating allow for greater comfort and seating layout flexibility. more Adds New Line of True Rocker Home Theater Chairs
August 9, 2007: continues to lead the home theater seating industry with its addition of new true rocker chair models. more

In the Home Theater Seating Market Stands Out
March 4, 2007: With the worlds largest inventory of new and used home theater chairs, serves the home theater market like no one else. With their free home theater hotline anyone can get answers from their home theater seating experts. more
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