Installation & Removal Services

Fixed Auditorium Seating Installation Services

We are a full-service theater/auditorium sales and installation company. Our main focus is providing our customers with prompt and personal service while meeting your specific needs. No voicemail, always a real person to help with your procurement needs.

As an owner-operated business, we have an extensive background in auditorium sales and installation. Being involved in the day-to-day operations of the company helps us give you the very best service from the initial contact to the delivery and installation of your seating.

Our installation crew is available nationwide and has extensive experience with all the seating manufacturer’s projects. Such as, Irwin Seating, Series Seating USA, Seating Concepts, Mobilario, Dafeng Seating, Dolphin Seating, Sauder Seating, Preferred-Seating, Ducharme Seating Canada, just to name a few.
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Theater Seating Removal Services is a one-stop shop for theater seating removal services. Our years of experience enable us to understand and anticipate our customers’ needs before they do. Whatever your theater seating removal requirements are, can do the best job.

We will walk you through the seating removal process, making it as simple and hassle free for you as possible. We have the expertise, qualifications, and professionalism to handle all your theater seating removal requirements.

Our years of experience dealing with all types of unique removal service situations enables us to anticipate and steer you through the procedures, environmental issues, pre and post work checklists, salvage value options, and the myriad of other little known facts that may not be apparent in the demolition project at first.

These are just a few of a long list of benefits can provide to you through our removal services. We will create value where you thought there was none. And it will be done in the most cost effective, safe, legal, and efficient manner possible.

For more information on how we can address your current seating installation needs, please telephone us at 616-868-2273, or you can e-mail us directly at

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our company and products. We are looking forward to hearing from you.