The Home Theater Checklist


A Home Theater is a sizeable but worthwhile investment. You’ve already invested in the audio and video equipment: 4k super-large smart TV (or HD projector and giant screen), media center, computer, sound processors, and high-end speaker system. However, that’s only half the equation; so to speak: a crucial aspect of recreating the Movie Theater Experience is in the seating. Authentic theater room chairs will make for an immersive movie night: that’s where we come in. Your friends at Seats and would like to talk to you about certain factors to consider when selecting and acquiring movie theater seats. Are you ready? Here we go:

Budget – this is one of the most important considerations in getting home theater furniture. Obviously, having bespoke theater seats would be the expensive way to go (and totally worth it if you can afford it). The other route would be to go for used movie theater seating, which is substantially cheaper. Either way; using authentic seating need not break your bank account.

Space – space is another important factor to consider; as this will determine the type and quantity of movie theater seats that you’ll need. Bigger Home Theaters can have more seats or bigger seats: like those movie theaters with reclining chairs. Recliner seats, complete with cup holder armrests would be great for a large room, while standard theater seats would be better for smaller spaces. Make sure to leave some aisle space at the front and back of each row: 18 to 24 inches would be the minimum space requirement.

Style – the style of the chair determines what mood or vibe you’re going for with your Home Theater setup. You could choose basic black for a more standard look; or louder colors like red for the seats to stand out. Neutral colors like gray, and earth tones can also work: just make sure that the color you choose complements the current color palette of the room. You also need to choose the seats’ material: do you want leather or vinyl seats?

Once you’ve carefully considered these factors; you can begin to choose your movie theater seats with confidence. You can then include your own criteria to personalize your Home Theater to your liking.

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