How To Choose The Right Stackable Chairs for Your Home

Maybe you like to entertain guests and have extra chairs on hand. Maybe you’ve got a smaller living space and need a way to save space. There are a lot of reasons someone would benefit from having stackable chairs. Naturally, here at Seats and Chairs we have some professional insights on the matter that we thought we’d share some tips for choosing the right chairs for your setting.

Bar stool

These are especially well suited for patios, decks, and of course high tables and bar counters. They are generally narrower, which means that once stacked they take up the very minimum of space, and that you can store more of them easily.


Dining-table-height chairs that usually have a classier look. There is a wide variety of materials, both for the seats and the padding, and they’re generally more comfortable. They are commonly seen with tables that have a leaf for additional space, but can be found in full sets.


A regular sight in gyms and churches. These may come in stackable or foldable varieties, designed to be incredibly sturdy and be used in large quantities, and not known for being particularly attractive.

Seat & Chairs has offers a versatile stackable chair, useful in a variety of settings. Our chairs are of the highest quality, and we have everything you need to get you and your guests off your feet and at ease at your next gathering or event. Contact us today to learn more about our products.