Caring for Your Leather Theater Seats

Caring for Your Leather Theater Seats

The rush of your favorite movie, combined with the sheer comfort of a comfy leather theater chair… There’s nothing quite like enjoying your own personal theater setup with friends and family! But once the movie is over and everyone goes home for the night, what’s the best way to ensure your leather-upholstered recliners stay in tip-top condition? Here are a few things to remember when cleaning and caring for your leather theater seating to help them last.

  • DO use a good quality water-based leather cleaner

Products such as Leather Honey leather cleaner or Meguiar’s cleaner and conditioner work wonders to clean leather without discoloring while protecting the leather from further damage, spills, stains, and aging. These products and many like them are usually very affordable and last a long time because they usually require diluting in water before use.

  • DO NOT use products containing oils, waxes, or silicones

This includes products like dishwashing soap, baby wipes, furniture polish, and most car cleaners (although some research may be required for them). These products can destroy the finish of your leather seating and even begin to break it down and dry it out.

  • DO wipe your furniture down often

If you use your leather theater seating often enough, or find your pets enjoy using it as well, it would make a good habit to wipe down your furniture often to keep buildup from body oils. If you don’t use your leather furniture often, a good vacuum dusting every couple of weeks can keep it ready for use. Make sure to clean the spare popcorn kernels from around the cushions!

  • DO NOT wipe a spill

This may seem contrary to other fabric spills. But leather is an excellent repellent of water, and wiping any spills on your leather will simply spread it around further. Instead, blot the spill carefully with paper towels or a wash cloth and then treat the spill with the same quality water-based leather cleaner you regularly use.

Following these steps can help your leather theater seating last you and your family for years to come. After all, leather is an investment! Seats and Chairs is here to offer the finest theater and stadium seating for homes and businesses alike. Check out the specials, or contact us for more information on shipping and delivery.