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Theater Designer:
The theater designer tool is a simple tool that we use to accurately calculate the cost of your theater chairs. A side panel is required at the ends of each row, because of that, each additional row of chairs will affect your price.

To layout your theater, just click on the boxes where a chair will be, and a chair will appear there.

To remove a chair from the layout, just click on it again. Once you have completed your layout, click on the "Save Theater Layout" button.

The correct number of chairs and sidepanels will be set automatically.

Acoustic Sound Proofing Tile

Acoustic Sound Proofing Tile
Product Code: Acoustic Panel
Availability: In Stock
Price: $30.00
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  Type:Acoustic Panels

Model Number:Fabric Acoustic Panel
Acoustic Panel Type:Clothing Acoustic Panels
Product name:auditorium acoustic
Material:Fabric + Fiber
Size:600*600/1200mm (23.5 inches x 23.5 inches)
Feature:Highly Effective Sound Absorption
Usage:Building Materials
Fireproof level:B1


Dimensions 6" dia. x 2-1/8" H

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