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Used Movie Theater Chairs

When you watch a movie, comfort is your number one priority. It can be hard to enjoy a classic Charlie Chaplin film or a summer blockbuster when you’re squirming in an unergonomic seat. At Seats and Chairs, we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding high quality used theater seats. So whether you’re looking for auditorium, theater, or media room seating, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Used Home Theater Seating

Do you want to create a home theater, but don’t want to break the bank? You can buy used cinema seats right here! The best part? All of our seats are checked by professionals to ensure that they meet our rigorous quality standards.

We also carry:

  • Used auditorium seats
  • Used media room seating
  • And more!

For quality that can’t be beat, trust the experts at Seats and Chairs. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us today!

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Tan AMC first generation power recliners - tan, used but still in good shape
  Around 30 available.    Commercial Grade Movie Theater,Power Recline..
800 Brown Movie Theater chairs older style comfortable rockers and fixed back
650 Old Style Megaplex Comfortable Rockers and 150 fixed back balcony movie theater chairs - CT a..
Lot of 25 Black Theater Chair with Mauve Fabric, lift up upholstered cupholder armrest, true rocker
  Lot of 25 Black with Mauve fabric Theater Chairs, true rockers, lift up cupholder arm ..
Lot of 90 Black Theater Chair with Black Fabric, lift up upholstered cupholder armrest, true rocker
Back on Sale again - just picked up some legs Lot of 50 Black Theater Chairs, true rockers, l..
700 Black Leatherette Movie Theater Chairs - IN area
700 Highly Desirable Black Leatherette Movie Theater Chairs - Indiana Area $40/chair - FIRM!!..
Lot of 1000 Red Theater Chair sloped floor true rocker
Row of 3 Reno Manhatten Chairs in Red
One row of 3 red chairs - 40" high, 22" wide (each chair).  Whether you need comfortable..
825 Grey Movie Theater Auditorium chair
825 Grey low back auditorium community arts and movie theater applications - Quincy IL chairs (no..
1000 yellow stackers - good shape
New Price $5/chair 1000 yellow stackers in good shape. Located in Kentucky.  $10..
Comfortable Bench Pew Airport style seating
Make us an offer! 20 Benches/pews/airporter style seating! Can seat 175-200 people. M..
Marquee Reupholstered Home Theater Seating - Black Pleather
Lot of 40 newly reupholstered chairs and ready to go Black Marquee Fixed Back Movie Theater c..
Lot of 227 Monterrey antique Movie Theater Seats
Lot of 227 - antique movie theater seats - Monterrey CA $50/chair is if you get 100 chairs. ..
Lot of 200 used Stackers - place of worship very clean very nice
$30/chair - lot of 200 used stacking chairs. Lot of 200 plus used stackers out of a place of ..
Lot of 30 used auditorium chairs - place of worship very clean very nice
$75/chair - lot of 30 used auditorium chairs. Came from Lot of 180 plus used auditorium chair..
Lot of 40 Marquee Reupholstered Home Theater Seating - Black Leatherette
Reupholstered - $150 Special! 40 chairs just recently reupholstered and ready to go $150 is p..
Lot of 75 black movie theater auditorium chairs with cup holder armrests with red fabric
Lot of 75 black movie theater auditorium chairs with cup holder arm rests with red fabric Use..
40 with an additional 360 coming Blue Leatherette Theater Chair
Lot of 40 Blue/Purple DeLuxe Theater Chair - Leatherette 360 More coming soon $95/chair ..
Lot of 16 Red San Francisco Football Stadium Chair
Lot of 16 Red Theater Chairs - $150/chair. Beam Mounted. San Francisco area. Leftover from th..
500 floor mount 600 riser mount orange auditorium chairs ID area
500 Floor Mount, 600 wall mount Sloped Floor. Orange auditorium chairs for sale $27.5..
150 black Movie theater chair with burgandy fabric
150 black movie theater chair with burgandy fabric with cupholder arm rests (fixed back chair) ..
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