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Seven of the Best Movie Theaters in the World

Seven of the Best Movie Theaters in the World

If you’re like us, you probably enjoy most of your movies at home. But sometimes; there are movies that are so good, so awe-inspiring, and so epic that you want to enjoy them where they’re supposed to be watched: in the cold, dark confines of a movie theater with a giant tub of popcorn in hand, and a jumbo-sized drink in your seat’s cup holder. Some movies are just worth getting in the car to drive to the theater, and stand in line to buy a ticket just to see it once. Or twice. Or seven times.


To be fair, it’s not always the movie. The movie theaters themselves can be so awesome and so epic as to be worth the hassle just to get there, no matter what movie they’re playing. And no, we’re not talking about 4D or other newfangled types of sound and picture processing technology.  We’re talking about an incredible theater experience that will make you feel like coming back for more. Here is our list of seven of the best movie theaters ever:


The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas – First opened in 1997, the Alamo Drafthouse can now be found in 22 different locations in the US. It is famous for being among the first theaters to adopt a more classy movie-watching experience by offering comfortable seating, drinks, and food that you might find in an upscale, fine dining restaurant.  


The Cine-de Chef in Kathmandu, Nepal – This theater’s claim to fame is its level of luxury, with its expensive ticket prices, plush leather chairs, and gourmet food prepared by a chef. Cine-de Chef also boasts of having another branch in Seoul, South Korea.


The Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn, New York – Williamsburg in Brooklyn is where you’ll need to go to find this unique venue with three screens where; aside from a movie, you can partake of a global menu and craft cocktails that are served straight to your luxury seat.


The Electric Cinema in London, England – To say that this movie theater; found in London’s Notting Hill Area, is quite posh is an understatement. Watch a movie while relaxing in large, comfy seats with footstools and cashmere blankets; or on beds (yes, beds) located at the front of the screen. Enjoy a bottle of wine, or have some Camden Ale while munching on Carrot Cake, Nachos, or a big portion of Chicken Bites. You can also have drinks at the full bar; and have an after-movie meal at its Electric Diner. Posh, indeed.    


The Cinémathèque Française in Paris – When is a movie theater more than just a place to watch films? When it’s also a museum (partially, anyway)!The museum part of the theater boasts an impressive collection of film memorabilia: from historical items such as camera obscura, magic lanterns, and optic boxes from the past; as well as posters, costumes, and props such as the classic female robot used in Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis. Designed by architect Franck Gehry, the theater shows films from all over the world, and sometimes screens classic films of cinematic legends.


The Raj Mandir Cinema in Jaipur, India – This movie theater gets special mention for its grand interiors and palatial design: balcony viewing areas, impressive high ceiling decked with chandeliers, carpets, and elaborate carvings make this venue feel more like a tourist spot than a theater. The Raj Mandir is one of the oldest movie theaters is India, having been built in 1976, and is a popular site for movie premieres of Hindi films. Watch the movie on an extra-large screen while enjoying Samosas, and bask in the theater’s incredible history.    


The TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, California – No discussion of movie theaters would be complete without including the TCL Chinese Theatre. Known to people by its more popular names; as the Grauman's Chinese Theatre, and then as the Mann's Chinese Theatre, the TCL Chinese Theatre is an important part of movie history. Famous for its Hollywood Walk of Fame where you can find the foot and hand prints of your favorite stars; the TLC Chinese Theatre also features a guided tour, or you can just take in a movie showing on the theater’s massive screen.


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