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Movie Time Etiquette

Movie Time Etiquette

Watching movies can be an enjoyable experience; well, until some people decide to ruin the experience with poor manners and bad habits: then it becomes an ordeal to have to sit through the rest of the movie. We at know that you’ve seen their ilk before. If you feel annoyed at these people while sitting in an actual Movie Theater, then how much more exasperated will you feel when you “experience” them at your very own Home Theater? Because of this, we would like to compile a list of reminders for proper Home Theater decorum. Feel free to print this list out and post it on your Home Theater’s wall. Without further ado, here are some Movie Time etiquette basics:

Be on time – Once the movie starts; people want to focus on the screen and listen to the movie. Even though it’s a Home Theater, you don’t want to be that person who arrives after the lights go out and the flick starts.

Avoid Smart phone and Device Use – Self explanatory, we know; but please refrain from talking, surfing, or playing games on your phone once the movie starts. This will really turn off a lot of people and give them ample reason to hate you.

Try to avoid Bathroom Breaks – Do your bathroom business before the flick starts. If you’re not sure whether you’ll need to take a quick bathroom break or not; then choose seats that will not block other people’s views or cause disruptions during the screening.

Control your kids – if you’re bringing kids to a Home Theater Screening, make sure that they do their bathroom chores before the movie starts. Ask them to stop talking loudly during the movie itself, and to whisper in a very soft voice instead. Make sure that they have the temperament to watch the movie properly.

Take care of the Garbage – Even though it’s not your house and Home Theater; please refrain from being a slob and leaving your snack wrappers and leftovers in the seat and theater. Clean up after yourself and dispose of garbage properly.

Home Theaters are meant to be treated like actual Movie Theaters, so please respect the rules with the same level of seriousness so that everyone can enjoy an awesome movie experience. offers a range of New and Used Theater Seats; as well as Commercial-Grade Power Movie Seating with Recliners which would be perfect for your Home Theater setup. We also offer a range of Stackable Chairs and Home Theater Accessories. Call us up at (800) 632-7657; e-mail us at, or contact us online for all of your questions about our products and services.    


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