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Layout considerations for your Home Theater Seats

Layout considerations for your Home Theater Seats

Home Theaters are meant to be enjoyed as both a visual and sonic experience. In a real movie theater; the seats are arranged in either a multiple-aisle layout (chairs are arranged in rows and columns) or a continental layout (chairs are arranged in rows using a roughly semicircular layout) for easy sight lines to the screen. These layouts are chosen because a Movie Theater usually has a large number of seats; unlike in a Home theater where you have fewer seats (unless it’s a personal movie theater like the ones you see in the mansions of Hollywood celebrities).

Home Theater rooms are usually rectangular in shape; so the usual layout would be a multi-aisle scheme, and this is the setup we’ll talk about. So how do you arrange the seats for maximum viewing and listening pleasure? Your friends at are here to give you some seat placement tips that will help you get the most out of your Home Theater setup.

Decide on the type and number of seats based on your plan – The type of seating you use; as well as the number of total seats you want to put in your Home Theater room is an important factor when designing and constructing it (unless you are converting one of the spaces in your house into a Home Theater): using conventional Home Theater recliners and couches may require you to have more space and a smaller quantity of seats; while bean bags, movie theater seats, and stackable chairs may allow you to have a smaller space with more chairs or bags.

The type and quantity of your seating will also help you determine other important aspects of your theater room’s design; such as your room’s acoustic treatment and the types of speakers you will use and where they should be placed. It’s best to seek the help of a qualified professional for all of these considerations; as mistakes can (literally) be costly. By the way, you could also choose to combine different types of seats and chairs (see what we did there?) for convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Determine your basic layout – Are you building your Home Theater from scratch or doing a room remodel into a Home Theater? If you’re starting from scratch, then the approach would be to select your seating type/s and quantity, arrange them into rows (with ample aisle space) and build your theater around these measurements. If you already have a room in mind; it’s best to start by measuring your room’s size and deciding your seat type and quantity; as well as row and aisle arrangement based on the room’s measurements.

Have enough room to move – The multi-aisle layout requires ample aisle and walking space. Make sure that you have at least 30 inches of walking space for the sides of each row to facilitate for easy theater entry and exit. And while you’re at it; leave a space of at least 20 inches or more between seats (even when the recliners are fully reclined!).

Ensure maximum viewing pleasure – Your Home Theater seats must have viewing angles between 36 and 50 degrees so that each viewer’s field of vision is filled. For theater rooms with more than one row of seats; we recommend using risers – platforms that will raise the seats beyond the first row – so that the back row viewers’ field of vision is not blocked by the heads of the viewers sitting in front of them.

Guarantee theater-quality sound – For the best audio results; make sure that the theater’s surround speakers are at a distance of 4 feet or more from the viewers’ heads. Also; avoid putting seats directly behind the back wall: make sure that all of the viewers are at a distance of 4 feet or more from your theater’s back wall to ensure proper sound reflection and envelopment. Lastly, have a qualified professional help you with subwoofer placement for equilateral bass response.

Designing a Home Theater Seating layout is not as simple as putting seats in front of a screen and arbitrarily placing speakers around the room: it requires knowledge of acoustics and proper qualifications. But with the correct design considerations and proper placement of seats, speakers, and screen; your Home Theater can rival any high-end setup out there and provide you with the ultimate movie experience.

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