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How to get that authentic Movie Theater experience in your Home

How to get that authentic Movie Theater experience in your Home

Despite the advent of content on demand, more affordable LED large-screen smart TVs, and home theater sound systems, movies continue to be a big hit for media consumers like us. Some people have tried to suggest that it’s because of the unique social and sensory trappings that encapsulate the movie theater experience: the excitement of seeing something that promises to be nothing short of epic with our friends and family, the smell of freshly-buttered popcorn wafting from the concession stands, the feeling of immersion as you sit in the dark with nothing to focus on but the screen’s images playing out in front of you, and the incredible sound and palpable rumbling of your seat with every explosion. However, others would say that you can now have all of the components of that unique movie theater experience at home. Here are some suggestions that can bring your home theater experience several steps closer to the movies.

  • Invest in Sight – LED Television screen are getting exponentially larger. You can invest in a fairly large one for a good price, or you can go for the projection system setup. You won’t go wrong with either option because there are advantages for each. Projection systems can do 3D and give you a substantially larger screen size than most LED TVs. On the other hand, there are also LED TVs that can do 3D, and they have the added benefit of being less expensive to maintain. While you’re at it, invest in a Blu-Ray player and/or Media Center PC.
  • Invest in Sound – Home theater sound systems are now more affordable than ever: you can choose to customize and personalize your home theater sound by cherry picking and choosing individual components, or you can opt for the “home theater in a box” sound systems that are a quick, all-in-one theater sound solution.
  • Invest in Décor – Your home theater can look more like a movie theater with the right décor. You can invest in a soda dispenser and a popcorn machine if you want, but we were thinking of a simpler way to add the feel of a theater in your home: movie posters. Obviously you could never get away with swiping them from real movie theaters, but you can get some relatively inexpensive reproductions from general sellers, or maybe invest in some collector-owned original movie posters being sold online. Be sure to frame them to complete the effect.
  • Invest in Seating – nothing says “Movie Theater” more than authentic theater seats, complete with cup holders. You could choose to get new theater seats (which can be replicas of actual movie theater seating), or go for bespoke seats built to your exact specifications. A less-expensive route would be to buy refurbished movie theater seats which look and feel just as good.  

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