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How Tactile Transducers Work

How Tactile Transducers Work

Ever since the advent of multi-channel audio and digital video formats in the 1980’s, the concept of having a Theater in your Home has definitely come of age. Today, Home Theater systems can be found in most homes, they are more accessible than ever before, and they feature more sophisticated audio and video technology. Common components of most Home Theater systems today include a humongous flat-screen LED 4k TV, stereo sound processing equipment, assorted media players, and a Tactile Transducer. Huh? What do you mean “Tactile whatnow”? You know…that device that…uh; okay, so maybe that needs some explanation.

Tactile Transducers are a component of Home Theater Systems that transmit low-frequency signals into various surfaces (usually floors and seats) that create vibrations which can be felt by the people watching and listening to the media being played. What this does is create a sensation of rumbling, which, when coupled with the system’s subwoofer speakers; heightens the cinema experience by creating vibrations for sound effects such as explosions, and loud or violent impacts (such as car crashes) that give the sensation of “feeling” the tactile shock of such phenomenon to make it more realistic and immersive. They’re designed to increase the realism of what you’re seeing on the screen. These devices are actually very similar in structure to your system’s loudspeakers, except that they are missing the diaphragm part: the part which vibrates to create sound. Therefore, Tactile Transducers express and convey low frequencies as vibrations instead of sound. They are more commonly known as “Bass Shakers”

 Tactile Transducers were being developed as early as the 1960’s; with magnets being bolted to surfaces to create vibration. This is also the same technology you find in cell phones that have a vibrate function; as well as game controllers that offer tactile feedback. They may also be used to enhance music; as drummers have been known to place transducers on their drum stool to be able to “feel” their drum performance.

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