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Famous Seats in TV and Film

Famous Seats in TV and Film

In every film ever made, there are some details that really stand out. Sometimes, it’s the chairs and seats that really stand out and make everything more memorable.

The Simpsons’ Couch

With over three decades worth of episodes, it’s hard not to know this couch. The animated show has become the longest-running primetime scripted series and has an iconic intro with dozen upon dozen versions of it. Not only is the couch itself iconic, but as well as the entire Simpsons’ living room.

Blofeld’s Chair from James Bond, You Only Live Twice

This chair is what sets the standards for villains everywhere. Created in 1962 by the British company G Plan in 1962, the chair itself was what helped create a villainous persona that would become a worldwide phenomenon. This archetypical villainous identity has been parodied many times and has become a fixture of ‘bad guy’ culture.

Bench in Forrest Gump

Throughout the film, we listen to Forrest’s extraordinary life tale as he shares it with a woman he’s seated with, waiting at the bus stop. Throughout, he unveils his unbelievable adventures and pulls on all our heartstrings. So now and forever, all those stories are tied to the bench Forrest sat on while telling them.

Iron Throne in Games of Thrones

Though redundant the title may be, what would a TV show called Game of Thrones do without a proper throne? The Iron throne forges from over a thousand swords and is often used as symbolism for the king’s authority within the series. In real life on the other hand, it’s one of the best promotional devices the franchise has, and fans all over the world would kill to sit on the iconic chair!

The Sofa from Friends

It was this nineties gem about six New Yorkers that paved the way for American comedy TV shows. With all the ups and downs they faced, they found middle ground in their favorite coffee house Central Perk on their comfy orange sofa. The scene became so popular in fact that there are cafes all over that pay homage to the classic sitcom.

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