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Creating a Home Theater Setup on a Budget

Creating a Home Theater Setup on a Budget

When people think of a Home Theater Setup, they think of a substantially large investment: usually they picture a cozy room with framed movie posters decked out with awesome theater room chairs and home theater furniture (like an actual popcorn machine!), a huge, 90-inch 4k LED Smart TV, top-of-the-line signal processing equipment, an expensive home media center PC and high-quality speaker systems with subwoofers and tactile transducers for that shaker movie theater experience complete with rumbling explosions and earth-shattering car crashes. Of course; not everyone has a disposable income and money to burn: so what can you do if you long to experience a movie theater in the comfort of your home?  We at know something about Home Theaters, and we can offer you some tips to be able to create your very own Home Theater Setup for a lot less than you’d expect:

●     Add items to your setup gradually, and don’t buy everything all at once – In order to save money; we recommend buying only the most important components of your setup first, and buying cheaper variants of all the other extra equipment until you can afford them. Maybe start with a good Smart TV and a Sound Bar.  You may also decide to skip the less-essential elements (Popcorn Machine?) altogether.

●     Try looking for (and buying) “Open Box” and Pre-owned items – If the cost of brand-new video and audio equipment seems prohibitive; try asking if the store has “Open Box” items. Many of these items are just like new, and have no significant defects and flaws. Likewise, you can find lots of pre-owned items online that are much cheaper than their counterparts at the store. Just exercise due diligence and carefully inspect the quality and performance of the item before buying.

●     Use refurbished Theater Seating Using refurbished theater chairs is a much more cost-efficient option than buying them or having them made. Refurbished chairs, when done right, have the same luxurious quality as original or bespoke home theater chairs without the expensive price tag.

Designing and building your very own Home Theater Setup need not be beyond the range of your budget if you know how to go about it. So start building your theater setup and save some money in the process. offers Used and Refurbished Theater Chairs; as well as New Theater Chairs. We also sell Commercial Grade Power Movie Theater Seats with Recliners, Stackable Chairs, and Home Theater Accessories for you setup. Give us a call at (800) 632-7657, send us an email at, or contact us online for all of your inquiries about our products and services, and for more information.   

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